Taking the Confusion Out of Medicare

Medicare SolutionsI am not surprised that so many people are confused about Medicare.  As Medicare evolved, the terminology became more and more confusing. For example there is Medicare Supplement (exactly the same as Medigap), and Medicare Advantage plans.  In fact, the word “Supplement” literally means ”to add something extra in order to improve something.”  Well both Supplement and Advantage plans actually do this! Being an agent, there are strict regulations which forbid me from calling an Advantage plan a Supplement plan.  That’s fine, except the person new (and not-so-new) to Medicare is likely to call an Advantage plan a Supplement plan and vice versa.  It’s kind of funny.

If you have any confusion about Medicare, let me know if this helps: You basically have three choices:

  1. Just stay on Medicare Parts A (Hospitals) and B (Doctors), and maybe add a Part D (prescription drug) Plan.  Under most circumstances you will get a penalty if you don’t add Part D.
  2. Be on Parts A and B and add on a Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plan to minimize or eliminate your deductibles and 20% co-pays; and probably add a Part D plan.
  3. Take Part C instead of A, B, and D.  This is a Medicare Advantage Plan.  Most of these plans do not cost more than just having Part B, and usually include Part D.

Well, if you have any confusion, my value to you is that when you talk with me, you will understand, and you will know which choice makes the most sense for you! Use the Contact Form below to get a quote now!